Tomorrowland Speedway for Your Highly Sensitive Child

Will your highly sensitive child enjoy Tomorrowland speedway? With pink background and image of entrance of Tomorrowland speedway. From moms make it magical dot com.

Will your highly sensitive child enjoy Disney’s Tomorrowland Speedway?

It’s hard to miss Tomorrowland Speedway once you enter the Tomorrowland section of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Your highly sensitive child will quickly hear the roar of the engines and the smell of gasoline fumes, once in the near vicinity. 

Basically, you get to drive a small gas-powered car around a 2000-foot race track, with a guide rail that keeps you in your lane. Some kids are really excited for this since it feels like you’re driving a mini race car, while enjoying the sights of Magic Kingdom around you. There is a height minimum of 32” to ride with an adult, and you must be at least 54” tall to ride alone. 

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There seem to be mixed opinions when it comes to this ride—some feel that it’s a classic, timeless Disney ride. Others think it is dated, smelly, and loud. 

Let’s break it down with a “Moms Make it Magical” rating to see whether or not your highly sensitive child will enjoy Tomorrowland Speedway, so that we can minimize those potential meltdowns. 

Sudden Noises 1/5

Highly sensitive kids tend to startle easily. But on Tomorrowland Speedway, there aren’t any sudden startling noises that might scare your kids. You might occasionally hear sudden “announcements” by a commentator calling the race, but this shouldn’t be of too much concern for your highly sensitive child. 

Noise Level 5/5

Tomorrowland Speedway is LOUD. There’s no question about it. From walking past the attraction, to standing in the queue, and actually driving the car… it is constant noise. If your highly sensitive children strongly dislike loud noises, Tomorrowland Speedway will not be enjoyable for them. 

Darkness 0/5

The race track of Tomorrowland Speedway is all outdoors, so there really aren’t any areas of darkness (unless you are riding at night). Part of the track goes underneath a little bridge, but it’s not that dark at all. 

Bright & Flashing Lights 0/5

Bright and flashing lights can be bothersome for highly sensitive kids, but thankfully this is not a concern for Tomorrowland Speedway. There is a lot of visual stimulation when it comes to the super colorful cars, watching guests whiz around the track, and getting to see other Magic Kingdom attractions while driving around… but you won’t find it in the form of bright lights, unless it’s at nighttime.

Speed 2/5

Tomorrowland Speedway is not a thrill ride by any means! You are able to go as fast as 7.5 miles per hour (or 12km per hour). I rated this as a 2, just because it does go faster than those gentle Disney boat rides like “it’s a small world”, which travels at a max speed of 2 miles per hour. The nice thing about this ride is that you are able to control your speed with a fully functional gas pedal. So if your crew wants go slower, take your foot off a little. If you and your kids feel more adventurous, feel free to put the pedal to the metal!

Drops 1/5

While there aren’t huge drops on Tomorrowland Speedway like you’d find on a true rollercoaster, there is a chance it can be a bit of a bumpy ride. We weren’t that great at following the guard rails so we kept bumping a little from side to side. There is also the chance of getting bumped from behind if you’re going too slowly and there are extra speedy guests behind you, though this is discouraged. 

“Scary” Visuals 0/5

No villains or scary scenes on this ride. Even highly sensitive kids with vivid imaginations won’t find much visually they’ll be scared of!

Proximity to Others 0/5

Most highly sensitive kids don’t enjoy super crowded areas. Thankfully, Tomorrowland Speedway has cars that have a standard capacity of two people (though it seems they are able to squeeze in one adult and two small kids, if necessary). Having your own private car means you won’t be in close proximity to others and you can maintain your personal space. 

Strong Smells 5/5

Since the cars in Tomorrowland Speedway are gas-powered, the fumes can seem overwhelming for your highly sensitive child. I personally don’t enjoy this aspect of this attraction, since the strong smell of gasoline usually gives me a headache. Highly sensitive kids who are sensitive to smells may have a more difficult time on this ride.

Wetness 0/5

No need to worry about getting wet on Tomorrowland Speedway, unless you’re getting caught in a sudden downpour. Which is quite common in Orlando 😉 But anyway, highly sensitive kids who don’t like getting wet will be fine on this ride!

Total 14/50

Ride Rating for Tomorrowland Speedway, all the numbers shown on one image.

How do we understand the rating? A lower score means less sensory overload, while a higher score means a greater likelihood of being overwhelmed and overstimulated. Based on that understanding, Tomorrowland Speedway is a ride I would definitely NOT recommend if your highly sensitive child really hates loud noises and strong smells. If that doesn’t bother your child too much, and maybe they’re too excited to drive a race car and overlook those aspects of the ride, then go for it! 

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