Gifts for Disney-Loving Moms

Are you looking for gifts for Disney-loving moms in your life? 

It’s Mother’s Day right around the corner! And we all know how much of a role moms play in making magic happen in their children’s lives. 

Most of the content on Moms Make it Magical tends to focus on how to best support and accommodate our sensitive kids at Disney. But let’s be real—sometimes it’s exhausting trying to constantly plan around our kids’ sensitivities and anxieties. 

So how about we shift the emphasis for once? Let’s make it all about the Disney-loving moms and giving them a gift they truly deserve!

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Disney Bags for Moms

For some moms, a nice bag or purse might be the perfect gift. There needs to be a place to put that pack of wipes, snacks, or that extra diaper, right? May as well look cute while doing it! There are so many great brands that have amazing Disney collections, which would make an awesome splurge gift for that special Disney-loving mom in your life.

Loungefly Bags

Loungefly has SO many adorable backpacks and purses to go along with any Disney movie or character. It’s a great one to bring to the Disney parks too, because it adds that perfect detail to a Disney park outfit.

Dooney & Bourke Bags

If you want to splurge a little more, definitely check out the Dooney & Bourke Disney line. There are so many designs to choose from, as well as different bag types. A tote bag would be great for the mom who likes to haul more stuff around with them. Alternatively, the crossbody style or wristlet is a good choice for the more minimalist mom.

Vera Bradley Bags

For the moms who love colorful patterns on their bags, a Disney Vera Bradley might be the perfect gift. The iconic Vera Bradley patterns and designs weave in subtle Disney touches. So it’s less “in-your-face” Disney, and still wearable even while not on vacation. 

Petunia Pickle Bottom Bags

Petunia Pickle Bottom, a well-known diaper bag brand, also has an awesome line of designs in collaboration with Disney. If the Disney-loving mom in your life has an infant or toddler, this bag would be a great choice. It comes with a changing pad, lots of pockets, and D-rings to easily attach to a stroller. The Axis backpack in particular comes with an insulated cooler bottom, which is perfect for carrying all the snacks and bottles.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are no longer a thing of the 1990s. They’ve become increasingly popular as a Disney theme park bag for those who want to carry just the basics and be totally hands-free. There are so many cute options out there these days that could be a fun and useful gift. This Minnie Mouse one is adorable and has AMAZING reviews. 

For Disney Moms who Enjoy the Finer Things

Show the Disney-loving mom in your life some extra appreciation by getting her something she likely wouldn’t buy for herself.

Disney Artwork

A piece of beautiful Disney artwork to hang on her wall at home would make a wonderful gift. Thomas Kinkade Studios artwork is known for capturing the beauty of every Disney fan’s favorite movies and theme parks by telling an entire story in one image. What a timeless gift for the mom who appreciates beauty and art.

Disney Jewelry

If art isn’t her thing, some Disney jewelry might be what makes her smile.

This two-tone pendant with Mickey and Minnie interlocking ears would be a great addition to her necklace collection.

I also love this bracelet’s subtle design with cubic zirconia gemstones in the shape of Mickey’s head. It’s understated enough to wear around during the day-to-day, but would be a little extra sparkle for a theme park outfit as well.

The Baublebar x Disney jewelry line is another option for the Disney mom who would enjoy having more Disney themed accessories.

Self-Care Gifts for Disney Moms

Self-care is such a buzz word these days, especially for moms. But it makes sense given all the stress and craziness in the world lately. Making self-care a priority is even more challenging for moms of special needs or neurodivergent children.

Help Mom Relax

One form of self-care is getting adequate rest. Give mom the gift of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep by giving her some ear plugs and a sleeping eye mask. This would be useful to bring on a Disney vacation too, since some hotels can be a little loud.

Epsom salts is another great way to help mom relax, soothe sore muscles, soften skin, and sleep better. This one even has lavender essential oil added to it. Let the Disney-loving mom in your life soak her feet in a foot bath with these epsom salts after a day of walking in the theme parks. 

Disney Cookbook

For some moms (but definitely not all!), cooking can be therapeutic. The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook would make the perfect gift for the Disney mom who loves to cook. It’s a fun way to relive the magic of Disney snacks and treats, right from the comfort of home. 

Disney Coloring Book

Others find ways to relax and relieve stress by using adult coloring books. It can be hard for moms to spend time doing something just for herself, as the days often revolve around her children and her family. Give this Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book as a self-care gift for mom. It can become a simple hobby that she can enjoy for herself. 

Disney Puzzles

Puzzles are a fun activity to do alone or in a group. It can be stress-relieving, improve mental sharpness, and help with focus and creativity. The process of creating order and something beautiful out of chaos can feel calming, refreshing, and provide a sense of accomplishment. This 1000 piece Disney puzzle featuring Mickey and Minnie on vacation would be perfect to add to mom’s puzzle collection.

Disney Mugs

Sleep deprivation and exhaustion seems to be a common theme in motherhood, especially if parenting sensitive or anxious children. For the moms who need a caffeine fix from a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea, get them a cute Disney mug. Let them reminiscence on the magic of their Disney vacation while drinking their beverage of choice first thing in the morning. 

Gifts for the Disney Theme Parks

Still not sure what to gift the Disney-loving mom in your life? Get her something useful for her days at the theme parks! She is more likely to buy things for her family and her children, so be the one who gets her something special for herself. 

Disney Ears

A must for the Disney Parks are a cute pair of ears. The ones on Amazon are much cheaper, lighter weight, and equally as cute as the ones you can find at the theme parks. 

Give the gift of a Disney zip-up hoodie for mom. It’s a good idea to bring extra layers, especially for early mornings, late evenings, or if you’re in a heavily air conditioned area. As always, it’s much more affordable to get Disney gear outside of the parks.

Help mom stay hydrated with a Disney water bottle. It’s hot, you’re sweating, and you’re walking WAY more than usual. It’s so easy to get dehydrated during a Disney vacation. I love this one which is made with insulated stainless steel and has a flip lid. I find straw lids much easier to drink quickly with one hand, instead of having a removable cap. It’s highly rated (4.9 out of 5 stars, with 5700+ reviews!) and has lots of adorable designs to choose from. 

If the Disney mom in your life still has a kiddo who uses a stroller in the theme parks, then you have to gift her this Mickey stroller organizer! Help her keep her stroller organized so she can keep track of all the things she needs. 

For the Type A mom who loves to research and plan (that’s me!), a guide book all about Disney planning would make a wonderful gift. Things are continuously changing at the Disney Parks and there is a LOT of information you can find online. But sometimes a hardcopy of a book is what you need to highlight, stick post-its and dog-ear the pages. 


Going to the Disney theme parks means doing a TON of walking. A new pair of shoes suitable for all the walking would be a great gift for mom. For example, these Minnie Mouse version of these classic Adidas grand court shoes would be so cute. Another option are these Skechers slip-on shoes, which get such good reviews from so many moms. I’ve also had a good experience with Vionic sandals, since they have really supportive soles. You also can’t go wrong with lightweight Nikes that will keep your Disney-loving mom’s feet comfy all day long. 

Hopefully you’ve found this list helpful when it comes to finding a gift for that magical mom in your life!

Is there anything else you’d like to see on this list?

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