Disney World Trip Report – January 2019

This Disney World trip report comes from Stacie Yocum, a mommy blogger at Exploration Motherhood.

I’m Stacie, a book lover, Disney addict, and a fan of takeout food.  I love trying new things, experiencing nature and the world around me, and going on adventures! I’m a work from home mom with a wanderer’s soul and a bit of a sassy side.

When was your Disney World trip?

Our Disney World trip was in January 2019.

How long was your Disney World trip?

We stayed for 10 days.

Where did you stay?

We stayed on-site, at Coronado Springs, which is a moderate-level Disney Resort. The hotel was fantastic. We are loyal on-site guests for the conveniences and quality provided by Disney. The rooms were clean, modern, and spacious. The food was good, amenities were more than enough, and our family really enjoyed the playground area! It gave us the perfect “day off” place to play when we weren’t in the parks.

Who did you travel with?

We went on a family trip! It was my parents, my sister and her husband, and my husband, myself, and our son, who was about 1.5 years old at the time.

How many days did you spend at the theme parks?

We had 6 days at the parks.

Did you have park hopper tickets?

No, we didn’t have park hopper tickets. I’ve used the park hopper previously and enjoyed it on trips without young kids. But, I knew we wouldn’t need it with our little man. One park per day was enough.

Any situations that caused meltdowns?

We went on very few rides with my sensitive toddler. It was pretty immediately clear that the loud, dark, colorful atmosphere of the rides was overwhelming. We also had a discussion with family to be careful not overwhelm him with our own excitement. Six adults all excitedly trying to grab the attention of a toddler all day is a lot.

Any situations that your kids really loved?

We learned how to appreciate the small things on this trip. He really enjoyed the shows and parades because we could prepare him, hold him, and keep distance. The playground at the hotel was a mega hit and we spent a few hours there, spread out across 3 days. Even simple things like pigeons and ducks provide entertainment and excitement when you’re in Disney World, if you’re open to it!

Anything you would’ve done differently?

Next time we will bring ear plugs. Sound is a major sensitivity, so I think that will make a world of a difference for our family.

What’s the most important tip you’d share with other families going to Disney World?

Don’t push it. Create a plan, prepare, and then roll with how the day goes, with no pressure to get everything done. There is no Disney World checklist- it’s all about enjoying the magic together.

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