Photo of boy wearing noise canceling headphones with a Mickey sweatshirt. Text says - 18 essential items for your highly sensitive child at Disney World

18 Essential Items for Highly Sensitive Kids at Disney World

Are you trying to figure out what are essential items for highly sensitive kids at Disney World? The last thing you want to do is haul everything in your house for a family vacation. I have to admit, I tend to be an overpacker because I want to be prepared for all circumstances. But after multiple trips to Disney World with my highly sensitive kids, I have figured out a list of must-bring, essential items that you ABSOLUTELY need.

If you’re not sure what highly sensitive means, read more here.

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1. Noise Canceling Headphones or Ear Plugs

Highly sensitive and sensory sensitive kids startle easily from sudden noises. And constant auditory stimulation is so overwhelming for them. My kids will sometimes complain that their ears hurt or that they have a headache after being exposed to lots of loud noises. So, how do you prevent your highly sensitive kids from sensory overload due to the loud sounds experienced at Disney World?

The answer is noise canceling headphones or ear plugs! We have two pairs of these headphones, which has a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 25 dB. The NRR measures how effective the device is at reducing noise levels. Any product rated in the mid-20s and low 30s is considered pretty good! There is a different model of these headphones which have a slightly better NRR at 27 dB.

For the littler ones, we love Baby Banz. My son outgrew his about 2.5 years old, but it was so comfortable for him even as a baby.

We used noise canceling headphones ALL the time on our Disney trips. Parades, shows, rides, and even the bathroom. Those notoriously loud automatic flushing toilets at Disney World can scare any newly potty-trained kiddos.

This is why this is an essential item for highly sensitive kids at Disney World.