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Gift Guide for Sensitive or Anxious Kids Going to Disney World

Are you on the hunt for practical gifts for sensitive or anxious kids going to Disney World? Or do you know of Disney World-bound families who have sensitive or anxious kids? Going to Disney World with sensitive or anxious children can be a little challenging, and often requires extra planning. But it’s totally doable to make their trip magical as possible by preparing for those sensory overload meltdowns as best you can! 

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Whether it’s for your own family, or a family that you know, here are some practical gift ideas for families headed to Disney World!

Gifts for Sensitive Kids to Use at Home Before Your Disney Trip

There are lots of awesome gift ideas for highly sensitive, anxious, or sensory sensitive kids that they can use BEFORE they ever step foot into a Disney park. It is usually helpful for kids to get a sense of what they’re getting themselves into before their vacation to Disney World.